If your travel program requires trip approvals, WorldApprovals™ can help.
Enjoy automated approvals, notifications, and simple reporting for Travel Managers.
WorldApprovals™ is perfect for:

Built in-house, WorldApprovals™ is an ideal approval system for travel programs with clear employee hierarchies.

Consider using WorldApprovals™ if your program:

  • Has tickets that require hard-stop approvals
  • Requires approval for a substantial portion of tickets
  • Would benefit from an at-a-glance view of all outstanding approvals
  • Needs to improve expense records and tracking through being able to edit PNR data
Benefits of WorldApprovals:
  • Access a dashboard view of which tickets have been approved, which are in queue, and how long each approval takes

  • Run reports that include traveler name, request status, request-created date, approver email, and policy issues

  • Update or add required data to a trip request (ie: department or group ID, etc.)

  • Tailor processes to meet your requirements; we aren't limited by external technology

  • Rely on automatic ticketing or cancellation based on approval status
How It Works
What’s in the Approval Email?

Approval emails can be customized, but may include:

  • Trip itinerary
  • Reason the trip requires approval
  • Lowest fare offered vs. fare reserved
  • SSO link to login to WorldApprovals and approve
  • Responsive design that fits your phone, tablet, or computer screen

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