If your travel program requires trip approvals, WorldApprovals™ can help.

Enjoy automated approvals, notifications, and simple reporting for Travel Managers.

“WorldApprovals™ has greatly reduced the time between approval

and ticketing in the majority of our reservations, from a couple of hours down to just minutes.”
- Hilary Easley, University of Pennsylvania

WorldApprovals™ is perfect for:

Built in-house, WorldApprovals™ is an ideal approval system for travel programs with clear employee hierarchies.

Consider using WorldApprovals™ if your program:

  • Has tickets that require hard-stop approvals
  • Requires approval for a substantial portion of tickets
  • Would benefit from an at-a-glance view of all outstanding approvals
  • Needs to improve expense records and tracking through being able to edit PNR data
Benefits of WorldApprovals:
  • Access a dashboard view of which tickets have been approved, which are in queue, and how long each approval takes

  • Run reports that include traveler name, request status, request-created date, approver email, and policy issues

  • Update or add required data to a trip request (ie: department or group ID, etc.)

  • Tailor processes to meet your requirements; we aren't limited by external technology

  • Rely on automatic ticketing or cancellation based on approval status
How It Works
What’s in the Approval Email?

Approval emails can be customized, but may include:

  • Trip itinerary
  • Reason the trip requires approval
  • Lowest fare offered vs. fare reserved
  • SSO link to login to WorldApprovals and approve
  • Responsive design that fits your phone, tablet, or computer screen

Client Feedback

“The mobile/smart phone version of the approval process is so easy to use and most important, portable.  Many of our approvers choose to use it rather than
the web based computer access.”

“Approvers are thrilled that every reservation they need to approve appears when they put in just one locator code that is assigned to them.  They rarely miss one now.”

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